Why A Broken World Proves God Is Amazingly Good.

Information and confirmation on God’s great love for mankind is summarised in this post, if this does not clear the air, then absolutely nothing else will, as for me and my house we will serve The Lord (Joshua 24;15) I am fully convinced.


God help us.

As humans, we are so blind. I recently heard a person say that if God was real, he didn’t want anything to do with Him because he didn’t know how a good God could create a world like this one. This is a common argument amongst people who reject the existence of a God. People blindly look at the brokenness of this world and say it is evidence that there is no God. If God were good, He wouldn’t have created a world like this.

I say just the opposite. If you know the whole story, the brokenness is actually proof that God is very good.

11915396-shaking-earth-earthquake-world-planet-catastrophe-flood-apocalypse-crisisDon’t you yearn for it? For goodness? Don’t you wish there was no sickness, no hatred, no war, no selfishness? There is proof that all of humanity yearns for this. We see it in the themes of our movies. We…

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