Follow Your Fear and Make it Your Triumph

I am fully convinced that we are the makers and breakers of our destiny; fate lies in our hearts and minds, and not in any hall of fame writer’s world or theory, we have the built in ability to make what we envisage become reality everyday. Man’s limits are matched by God’s glimpses and nods; which incidentally mirrors our beliefs and our convictions. If we allow enough of how positive He is to influence the decision making process, then all that we can expect will be expectations beyond even what we dream. Fear is the opposite of faith and has no place in the grand scheme of our passion for success, if it does come however; and it will, we have the opportunity to manage it with faith and hope for a brighter today, and a better tomorrow. Finally; what the mind conceives it can be led to achieve.

Kar-en 2ft. from GOLD

Remember Napoleon Hill and his best seller, Think and Grow Rich?  Many of us still study it regularly.  Did you know that close on its heels, he wrote a book called Outwitting the Devil that was not published until 2011, over forty years after his death?  Initially he was motivated by those who wrote to him and said they’d followed the steps outlined in Think and Grow Rich and had not experienced success.  The book became much more than the original idea and also became exceedingly controversial.  For our day, however, many feel it couldn’t be more timely!  (And it may still feel controversial to you!)

Learn to man make your triumph Fear is the Tool of a Man Made Devil

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