Don Charisma Welcomes Back Shaun Gibson

Don Charisma

Shaun Gibson is one of my favourite bloggers. I came to know him via his “I am part of the WordPress family” award. He helped me muchly in the earlier days of my blog in dealing with some of the challenges that came up. My blog is as successful as it is, in part due to Shaun’s help, and his friendship. So in recognition of Shaun’s efforts and for being an all round good guy, I’m welcoming him back on his new blog – shaunynews.

Welcome back Shaun, good to see you back on WordPress my friend.

For those of you that don’t know Shaun his new blog is –

Shaun loves football, writing about just about anything and everything and he’s a good family man.

He’s also a seasoned blogger and writer and someone I respect, mostly for his humility, generosity and kindness.

You are of course invited to pop by…

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