I am often fascinated by the way we try to be like so many others and neglect our true selves, surely when we look in the mirror we must see the image of our Creator. Imagine that every human being on this planet (all 7 Billion), have a unique fingerprint unlike any other, surely that must be something to shout about.  We have become a society of copy cats, not truly taking quality time to fully appreciate and embrace the wonders we are, and this is so sad, because I firmly believe that we were all placed here to fulfill a specific purpose.  Instead we have found ourselves chasing after fleeting shadows and mysteries of celebrities and the rich and the famous; who for the most part are just as human as we are, but with a little more luck. Don’t get me wrong people, for some of these folks are my heroes and motivators, simply because they share with us their pains, hopes and doubts, and even their failures.

The point I am stressing on is that we should be spending more of our efforts and resources in to being self empowered and enriched, looking deep into our hearts to find what makes us rise out of bed in the morning, what makes us do and say the things we do, what motivates us and why we think what we think. I spent a good deal of my time in being introspective, because for me it was important to discover who I really was, especially after I got married and then divorced. Yes; I too have some stories to tell, some sad and some uplifting, but one thin g I am sure of and that is I have learnt to place value on who I am. I don’t need to be compared with any star or headliner to feel like I am somebody and I belong; no!  I am somebody because God created me, and when He did there was a plan for me to live and to succeed in this life on this planet.

We need to learn to place tangible value on who we are and focus on the things that we are blessed with, we must ever be mindful that we are a member of the human race, and the world is our birth place, that we should appreciate our purpose and find our niche and live it to the max. There are no shortcuts to success my friends, hard work with smart intentions can reap great rewards, but we must first believe in what we can do if we want others to believe as well. We must prepare to be winners even in the face of odds, no one was promised a rose garden, and even if that were the case then who would prune them and nurture their growth and sustenance! 

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