The Reason For The Season

As we look around the world, there is a different atmosphere in almost all nations on planet earth, the air is tinged with a spirit of cordiality, and some folks seem to be smiling more than others. What we wonder about Christmas time that seems so magical and jolly! suddenly there are neighbors and friends, families and warmth everywhere, people meeting and greeting and buying gifts. There have been several explanations for all this mirth and splendor, but the one thing that stands out in my mind is the remembrance of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. For me the day and time is really of no consequence, as it has been a source of argument and contention for ages, instead I prefer to focus on the fact that he was born, signalling the fulfillment of the Scriptures, and heralding a new dawn of hope for all mankind. In the Book of Isaiah, the Bible clearly defines the prophecy of the Christ child as mentioned in chapter 9 and verse 6:”For unto us a child is born, Unto us a Son is given; And the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace”.  Ironically, the following words have echoed throughout the ages of time for every generation of man: “Peace on earth and Goodwill to men”.

We have placed a tremendous burden on ourselves to celebrate and exchange gifts, some people go out of their way to visit relatives and friends, while others are inclined to lend a little cheer, by giving bonuses or helping the less fortunate.  It is obvious that something in the air affects all of us about this time of the year; everything changes, and folks who were neglected for the best part of the year are suddenly remembered. Is it possible to have this kind of camaraderie and fellowship for the entire year? Or is it too hard for mankind to be tolerant of ourselves rich or poor, for twelve months on end!  We must look inwardly and search our hearts for all the answers lie there, there is no difference between the strata of our society which exist, except for that which was made by men who felt is necessary to so do for their own convenience.  However in the eyes of The Creator, all of us are born equal, and therefore have the same entitlements to freedom from a moral standpoint; this is where the separation takes place. For while some of us make the right choices in life considering the fate of others, most of us are selfish and myopic in our views, and have so tainted the true peace and harmony which God had intended for all of us. Poor choices bring poor results, and sadly we have made too many poor choices, so much so that the world at times seems like a cursed place to live in, like an unpredictable time bomb; ticking away to it’s impending doom.   The word of God has the final say, and His plan is really what matters, if He says it; it will come to pass.  Whatever He intends, no man can change or determine otherwise, we all must be cognizant of this fact, the time of events and occurrences are all in His hands.  So my friends whether it is for the season or for a lifetime, we have a choice, either observe the life we live as God intended and reap the benefits, or do our own selfish bidding, and suffer the consequences.  Whatever the outcome, one thing is for sure, and that is the Christ child will continue to have the greatest impact on the world in hearts and minds as we prepare for this yuletide season. God speed everyone, and may the real reason for the season be your guide and testimony.   




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