Divali, Diwali – A festival of lights, is supposed to be symbolic of the victory of light over darkness, and while in Trinidad it is celebrated on Saturday 2nd November, in India it will be celebrated o Sunday 3rd November. In India the celebrations is supposed to last for up to five days, and is marked by food, dancing, parties, and colorful lights hanging all over. Hindus mainly celebrate with whom they claim to be the god of prosperity, and the goddess of wealth; Rama and Sita respectively. In the Caribbean in places like Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, we see a similar kind of celebration taking place, traditionally there will be a short season of prayer and fasting (no meat) for most devotees. The festival ends in a night of lights (deyas) which are filled with coconut oil and cotton wicks, these are then lighted with a match to be placed o front lawns and galleries as well as savannahs, and streets. One can easily find themselves in a traditional Hindu home being invited to partake of the home cooked meals which mainly consist of roti or rice with karhi, channa and alloo, pumpkin and bagi. After a sumptuous meal you will be entertained with sweets such as khurma, parasad, barfee, golabjamoon, coconut tart, etc. Well this is the lighter side i suppose and yes you get to meet people you have not seen in a while, or have not seen before. There are lots of lights and fireworks, the lights are both artificial and man made as the Christmas season is also ushered in.

Lights of the world, Traditional Light, Seasonal lights  


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