When Life Gets in the Way: Finding Time to Blog

Sometimes in the middle of the night ideas come even when you are full of sleep and reeling from the activities of the day gone, the will to comment and to post is one that must be refreshed from time to time, humility is the key and we must look at every avenue as a source of inspiration. Making time to post is like making time to heal, and like all good bloggers, the feeling of mastering or maneuvering a particular subject is one that brings a certain satisfaction and pleasure to us. We constantly feel the need to share, to inform, and to testify.

The Daily Post

When you begin blogging, losing an hour of sleep to perfect a post or skipping lunch to spend time commenting is a pleasure. Post ideas come thick and fast. And more published posts mean pageviews and readers, so publishing more is better, right?

Sure… until it’s not. Until work starts piling up. Or you get sick. Or a friend is in from out of town. Or you have to bake three dozen cupcakes for Sally’s class — by tomorrow. Sometimes, we all get trapped under a beam in the burning barn (metaphorically) and can’t get to the computer. When that happens, how do you find time to blog without turning your creative outlet into just another obligation?

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