Excerpt/Dream For Real

At the end of each year we celebrate all the accomplishments and we bury the failures; what we should really be doing is celebrating the success ever mindful of the many stumbling blocks and hurdles which enabled us to get there in the first place, many lessons can be learnt if our mindset is proper and we make decisions that are objective and timely.
A lot of times we dismiss so easily the days when we thought we couldn’t make it or when the doors were closed in our face and we were told “you are dreaming”, those are precious memories which formed the pillars of what we achieved later. Imagine the finest cut diamond you have ever seen; how did you think it got to that polished irresistible finish?
It certainly was not found that way, but with lots of pressure and workman like precision, it was made into the final product you now find breathtaking.

I shared this piece from my publication “To Lose a Dream” which is written in abstract because it has been real for me and my success, no one on this planet can tell you what is yours an what is not. People get hold of your destiny and take hold of your future, for this is your calling in life and the details are determined by how well you manage what God has blessed you with, remember you are one of your kind and you must be proud of who you are even when others are not. Be proud and dream as if your life depends on it because no one has give you you, and no one can take you away from you.


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