Menu Makeover: Is Fast Food Finally Making Impactful Changes?

This is called a game changer and in my country the first thing that changed was the name from Mc Donald’s to Mc Cafe placing the emphasis on coffee, what this means essentially is that someone got smart and studied what most the most common marketable commodity that would fit in well with their core products. With this new twist there is the same level of recognition, therefore it is an attitude of change to survive, nothing is hard core and cast in stone anymore, it simply is a matter of having that competitive edge. Mc Donald’s now wants to be seen as the franchise that is truly sensitive and in touch with the people. (give them what they want, so we can get what we want)

Health & Family

McDonald’s announced on Thursday it will stop marketing a portion of its unhealthy fare to young kids — including soda — and will start offering healthier side alternatives like salads and sliced fruit to its adult menu too.

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