It seems as though there are certain parts of this planet that are somehow destined to experience terror, the world continues to look on in awe as the situation in Syria took a strange twist and President Assad made a timely decision to join the UN Security Council (Chemical Weapons Embargo), and to surrender and destroy his stockpile of chemical weapons.  Wile all this is happening in Kenya we have Islamist Militants staging a hostage in a public Mall resulting in the unfortunate death of at least 68 persons, and in Pakistan an earthquake measuring 7.7 has taken the lives of at least 320 persons. Then in the other side of the Atlantic in a Washington naval yard, a military contractor goes on a shooting rampage and kills at least 13 people, Is there some kin d of strange global plot to cleanse and purge citizenry? I doubt it, but one thing is sure, that is Terror has no boundaries and is certainly not bias as it can occur anywhere anytime. Man seems to be on a weird self sustained course of destruction which includes all who gets in the way of what he believes or perceives by any standard to be his truth. What a sad state of affairs as we gather at the United Nations in New York to address these and other border security ills. Many will come to the table with ideas to control and govern the access and use of these weapons, and then many will criticize these ideas citing the right to bear arms, how petty and bias we have become as we exercise what appears to be tunnel vision when ever the ugly truth hinders our zones of comfort and profitability!  How melancholy it seems that some nations just cannot escape the path of natural disasters as from time to time they have proven to be unstoppable; and some say that we have evolved. I shudder to think earnestly what the next few years ahead has in store for us as we seek to embrace a future of more economic doubts and uncertainty, where are the solutions we seek for all to benefit and make contributions to a better planet for all to live secure in the hope that tomorrow springs bright and new!  Let’s step up my fellowmen and seek to conquer the beast that lies within, for the Terror we fear the most is as close as our shadows, following us daily as we talk the talk let’s walk the walk.  


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