It has happened again; yes the rains have come and with it a nightmare for yet again some residents of Diego Martin, as they battle to embrace painfully the realities of the floods and the losses they seem doomed to endure. Sad indeed is this case, and in some cases pathetic are the responses from the Authorities, who appear to be in name only responsible for putting in place the necessary infrastructure for flood relief; especially in an area which has suffered the same faith not too long ago.  The memories I’m sure to say ironically suddenly came “flooding back”, and sure enough families are now wondering oh dear what can the matter be!  To this point the politicians and executive of the Regional Corporation give the impression that they are all lost in a time warp, and therefore to perform objectively for the people seems to be more than a challenge. The ODPM to say the least stands in a place where the only term to describe their apparent ineptitude is “a toothless bulldog”. In a country that is so blessed with Natural Resources and Wealth, we must be the laughing stock of the International Community when it comes to taking care of our own people; our footballers twice in recent times; senior and junior teams, have had to endure not knowing their faith until last minute with regards to funding from the Ministry of Sport for their respective shifts.

While all of this is happening, the People’s Partnership/UNC were recently fighting for retainance of the Chaguanas West Constituency, and had no problems in showing how much resources the State Machinery had (Prados). It is indeed sickening and a burning shame that issues of national concerns where the nation’s citizenry are made to suffer at the hands of failing incompetence is totally unacceptable, and should not be tolerated by the masses. The time has come for those in Authority to be made more accountable to the people for their in actions and failures, the nation deserves better, and while a few are benefiting from the spoils, too many are left behind to fend for themselves on their own. May God be merciful unto us and spare us his wrath as we hope and pray for better days; Godspeed to all.


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