(SYRIA) Help!

Some of the most feared and infamous people in the history of this planet have changed forever the course of entire nations, people, and races. Adolf Hitler readily comes to mind; the term “ethnic cleansing” is myopic in its intent and self destructive in its meaning. How can one man or a particular strain of a race of people or a nation unilaterally decide that one of their kind from a different lineage simply does not belong on planet ‘EARTH’. Time they say is a healer; but when one takes an objective and humanistic look at the situation in present day Syria, one must conclude that life for some means complete annihilation for others. Whose right is it to decide!? The destiny of these people will change on the landscape of world history forever, and no matter how long this continues for, or how worse it gets.  The one thing which springs true is that Syria as a country on the whole has suffered, and will pay a huge price for the blood that was shed on its soil, for in part or whole this blood was responsible for building this soil in the first place. We cannot ignore the impact this mass tragedy will have on like minded leaders across the globe, neither can we ignore the trauma and utter betrayal of some of our fellow humans at the hand of those they trusted and once lived among in harmony. No amount of sober minded and sane thinking can truly justified what we have witnessed for the past year or so, and whilst some are willing to attempt to curtail the bloodshed, others seem content to sit on the sidelines and play the waiting game. Sadly some appear to be in open unbridled support for a leader whose mantra has been to destroy and conquer; openly threatening those who dare to support any efforts to stop him. A nation in crisis is a pale shadow of comparison as far this nation is concerned, no respite seem to be coming for many as they battle on for survival; what shall the end be?






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